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Welcome to Bajaj SuperPack - White Masterbatch manufacturing Company

Bajaj Superpack was founded in the year 1989 and is the largest producer & Supplier of filler masterbatches in India Specially for HDPE & PP tapes, Injection & blow molded items, Lamination of woven fabrics, Non woven fabrics etc. TiO2, UV & elastomer based masterbatches have been developed successfully with good market response.

Bajaj Superpack group has two production centers at Nagpur and Panvel (New Mumbai) which allows fast response for meeting market requirements as well as exports. Bajaj Superpack has large fully supported production facilities for manufacture of high quality Industry specific masterbatches for numerous applications.

Bajaj Superpack endeavors to serve the industry with optimum quality, latest products available in the market at the most competitive pricing. It provides different wide range of Calcium Carbonate (caco3) based Masterbatches and Titanium Dioxide - TiO2 based Masterbatch, specialty as well as Ultraviolet - UV masterbatches. All grades are well accepted & adopted by various plastics processing industries.

Masterbatch Supplier