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In line with our future goal and roadmap to diversify our product offering to include speciality masterbatches and compounds, we are continuously expanding our skill sets, R & D capability and knowledge base internally. In addition to the internal up-gradation process, we have strategically aligned with external partners who have the potential to add value to this product line by virtue of bringing in their experience of promoting speciality additives and/or masterbatches. One of our such associates is VRAJSURAJ ECO ALTERNATIVES LLP.

VRAJSURAJ ECO ALTERNATIVES is a young company headed by Mr Mayur Ved who has been involved in promoting speciality additives to the plastics industry for the last 13 years. Some of the additives he has dealt with are Silver-based Inorganic and Organic Anti Microbial, Halogenated and Non-Halogenated Flame retardants, Anti Oxidants, UV Stabilizers, Anti Static Agents, Anti Fogs, Anti Ripening, Oxo Biodegradable, Anti Rodent, Anti Termite additives, VCI additives, Polyolefin viscosity enhancers, Chain Extenders for Polycondensation polymers etc.

VRAJSURAJ’s role as our associate is to leverage this experience and knowledge for the techno-commercial promotion of our speciality additive masterbatches in a focused manner into niche customer applications.

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